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A Ruby story: Tutorial: Hangman on ruby on rails on foundation on fontawesome - Part 1/2

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - In this tutorial we are going to create Hangman, a simple game in which the players try to find a word that our application chooses, by selecting letters.

We will use:
Rails (version 4): you know what this is otherwise you are in the wrong place
Foundation: for the looks & feels
Font Awesome: for icons
- See more at:

Building intention revealing Ruby on Rails helpers

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - When I am working on a Ruby on Rails application views and I see more Ruby code then markup I move that logic in to a helper.

If the helper needs to output markup you should avoid using a blob of text perhaps interpolated with variables with the results of your logic.

A guide to extracting your first Ruby Gem - Weissblog

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - Is your GitHub contribution chart solid gray? You could use an open source project to work on. But you don’t have to start it from scratch. The easiest way to create a useful side project is to pull it out of the app you’re already building. That’s how Rails was born!

Set Intersection in Ruby - Toby's Ramblings

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - Let’s talk about Set Intersection in Ruby.

There are times when you have two or more groups of data and you want to know what is common between them. When this happens it is good to know about set intersection.

Week #8 - rails-erd gem - generate entity-relationship diagrams (ERD) for your activerecord models - Planet Ruby

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - Welcome. The Ruby Gem of the Week series presents a new Ruby library every week
on Thursday.
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