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Creating a Ruby DSL | Leigh Halliday

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - I've been in Colombia for the last month visiting family, and last week I had the opportunity to hang out with the Medellin.rb meetup. It was led by Oscar Rendon and it was all about DSLs in Ruby. It was also a fun challenge to try to think and talk about programming in Spanish... not something I do every day.

Getting Started with RSpec - Semaphore

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - RSpec is a testing tool for Ruby, created for
behavior-driven development (BDD). It is the most frequently used testing
library for Ruby in production applications. Even though it has a very rich
and powerful DSL (domain-specific language), at its core it is a simple tool
which you can start using rather quickly. This tutorial will hopefully help
you get started, assuming you have no prior experience with RSpec and even