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React.js a guide for rails developers

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby

One of the good things about React is that it doesn't require any additional dependencies, making it pluggable with virtually any other JS library. Taking advantage of this feature, we are going to include it into our Rails stack to build a frontend-powered application, or you might say, a Rails view on steroids.

Ruby Modules and Mixins

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - Ruby Modules and Mixins - yield Statements - Learning Ruby in simple and easy steps - A beginner's tutorial containing complete knowledge of Ruby Syntax Syntax, Classes, , Variables, Comments, Loops, File, I/O, Functions, Objects, TK, Ranges, iterators, arrays, strings, methods, blocks, Exception, Multi-Threading, Hashes, Modules, LDAP, Web Services, Web Programming.

Get productive: hacking Sublime Text 2 for faster rails/project navigation | fonicmonkey

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - Programmer productivity stems from the ability to easily and efficiently navigate, create and edit the code you need to work with. To this end, it's incredibly important to pay attention to the efficiency of your own daily workflow. If you're regularly repeating tedious tasks that have multiple steps, it's important to take some time out…

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Creating a Rails Instance from an Existing MySQL DB - HackHands @hackhands

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - In this Ruby on Rails tutorial, I will show how to create a Rails instance from an existing MySQL database.I have an existing site that used Codeigniter and a MySQL DB, and I want to more or less ...