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How to Use the Divi Role Editor to Prepare Your Site for Client Handoff | Elegant Themes Blog

Posted By tutorialStash on PHP - Divi’s Role Editor a great solution for handing off your site to a client. You can easily enable and disable permission settings for each of the roles.

Random IT Stuff » Common things to do after creating a WordPress Digital Ocean droplet

Posted By tutorialStash on PHP - Digital Ocean is a great Cloud hosting provider for getting projects up quickly. Their site contains a wealth of tutorials for just about any situation you may encounter. This post will server as a collection of must do tutorials after setting up any droplet.

How to change a Multisite primary domain | WordPress Hosting by @WPEngine

Posted By tutorialStash on PHP - If you want to change the primary domain of your WordPress multisite installation, there are 5 values to change. There is no need to perform a database dump.

OAuth2 Authentication | Developer Resources

Posted By tutorialStash on PHP - OAuth2 is a protocol that allows applications to interact with blogs on and self-hosted WordPress sites running Jetpack. The primary goal of OAuth is to allow developers to interact with and Jetpack sites without requiring them to store sensitive credentials. Our implementation also allows users to manage their own connections. If you are…

Best Practices REST API from Scratch – Implementation by @vtardia

Posted By tutorialStash on PHP - Vito Tardia goes in depth with REST API construction from scratch, while adhering to best practices in API design. Learn how to build REST apps like a pro.