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Use the given project generators | Daniel P. Clark

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - Before I started using Rails I was the guy who would type out web projects by hand… I was accustomed to it.  I knew what I was working with all the time simply because I wrote it.  When I had started reading the docs on Rails I was trying to learn it in this same manner that I was used to.  But there is a fundamental piece missing when approaching Rails in this way.  Rails is opinionated code.  It’s designed with a predetermined way for things to work.  And for that you need to build the empty project template from the standard command rails new my_project_name.

Tree Structures in your Rails models | Leigh Halliday

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - Tree structures are needed any time you want to insert a hierarchy into your data. It's when you want to store relationships between data of the same type, vertically. Think of categories, org charts, and family trees; all have a tree structure to them. Some examples of this are.

Scaling Complex Rails Applications | Varyonic

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - After ten years of development Rails is a mature framework, and a recurring theme at conferences is how to build and maintain Rails applications that are increasingly complex. Rails achieved early success as an opinionated framework that emphasizes MVC and convention over configuration, but as developers have tackled ever more ambitious projects there has been divergence as to how to structure them.