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Using Struct and OpenStruct

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby

Sometimes you just want an object that can store some data for you, the struct class is very useful in that situation.
Getting Started

To create our Struct we pass in a series of symbols, which will become the instance variables of this class. They will have accessors defined by default (both for reading and writing).

Building an enterprise ready app with Android for Work (100 Days of Google Dev) - YouTube

Posted By tutorialStash on Android - A holistic view of Android for Work for Developers, covering the Opportunity, Best Practices and Distribution through Google Play for Work. 100 Days of Googl...

Implementing a reverse proxy in Golang on Google App Engine

Posted By tutorialStash on Golang - Google runs an interesting PaaS (Platform as a Service) called App Engine. It allows you to write code in one of four language/environments: PHP, Python, Java, and Go. Go is currently a beta offering but already offers the same features as the other three.

Ember.js: 8 Most Common Mistakes | Toptal

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - Ember.js is a comprehensive framework for building complex client-side applications. One of its tenets is “convention over configuration,” and the conviction that there is a very large part of development common to most web applications, and thus a single best way to solve most of these everyday challenges. However, finding the right abstraction, and covering all the cases, takes time and input from the whole community. As the reasoning goes, it is better to take the time to get the solution for the core problem right, and then bake it into the framework, instead of throwing up our hands and

Launching WordPress at Digital Ocean With ServerPilot

Posted By tutorialStash on Other - is a cloud-based hosting control panel akin to cPanel and its alternatives. Unlike others that attempt to work generically with any host, ServerPilot's chosen to focus exclusively on enhancing Digital Ocean.