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How to use a Wijmo5 FlexGrid in a ReactJS Application - Wijmo

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - When most people think MVC, they typically describe the Model and the Controller in detail and then finish up the discussion with "then we have the View," or at least that is how most of my conversations have gone. I was first introduced to ReactJS at Fluent 2014 and was luckily enough to meet the some of the Facebook Engineering team during a networking event. React does challenge conventional wisdom and at a first glance some of the concepts may seem a bit crazy, but as their documentation suggests, if you give it five minutes those crazy ideas have brought thousands of successful componen

Using BackboneJS to improve your JavaScript code organization over a Ruby on Rails app — Medium

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby - Sometimes when we started a new Ruby on Rails project, sooner or later we have to add Javascript code, most Ruby developers aren’t confortable with Javascript, so they make some mistakes which waste project’s time.

Using Struct and OpenStruct

Posted By tutorialStash on Ruby

Sometimes you just want an object that can store some data for you, the struct class is very useful in that situation.
Getting Started

To create our Struct we pass in a series of symbols, which will become the instance variables of this class. They will have accessors defined by default (both for reading and writing).

Building an enterprise ready app with Android for Work (100 Days of Google Dev) - YouTube

Posted By tutorialStash on Android - A holistic view of Android for Work for Developers, covering the Opportunity, Best Practices and Distribution through Google Play for Work. 100 Days of Googl...