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Styling Angular 2 components by @PascalPrecht

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - Most of our articles on Angular 2 covered how to build simple components or detailed some certain parts of the framework in a standalone context. In this article we are going to explore the different ways of styling Angular 2 components.

Polymorphism That Just Works by @airportyh

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - Code JavaScript much? Have you ever complained about how the arguments object is not a real array? Ditto for NodeLists, right? Isn't it unsettling that if you care about compatibility with older browsers, you can't rely on useful array methods like map, filter, reduce, or even indexOf? Good thing we have underscore and lodash. If you are using a MVC framework that requires you to use their own collection class, it's yet another layer of translation and mental overhead: interacting with a Backbone.Collection or an Ember.Array requires talking to a different API vs a plain vanilla JavaScript ar