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A tmux Crash Course

Posted By tutorialStash on Other - I’ve been using tmux for about six months now and it has become just as
essential to my workflow as vim. Pane and window management, copy-mode for
navigating output, and session management make it a no-brainer for those who
live in the terminal (and especially vim). I’ve compiled a list of tmux
commands I use daily to help me work more efficiently.

SQL vs NoSQL: you do want to have a relational storage by default - Enterprise Craftsmanship

Posted By tutorialStash on Other - The concept of NoSQL databases has been around for a while, but there still are quite a few misunderstandings regarding the topic of SQL vs NoSQL databases.

Git from the inside out by @recursecenter

Posted By tutorialStash on Other - This essay explains how Git works. It assumes you understand Git well enough to use it to version control your projects.

The essay focuses on the graph structure that underpins Git and the way the properties of this graph dictate Git’s behavior. Looking at fundamentals, you build your mental model on the truth rather than on hypotheses constructed from evidence gathered while experimenting with the API. This truer model gives you a better understanding of what Git has done, what it is doing, and what it will do.

The text is structured as a series of Git commands run on a single project.

Launching WordPress at Digital Ocean With ServerPilot

Posted By tutorialStash on Other - is a cloud-based hosting control panel akin to cPanel and its alternatives. Unlike others that attempt to work generically with any host, ServerPilot's chosen to focus exclusively on enhancing Digital Ocean.