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Boost the Performance of an AngularJS Application Using Immutable Data – Minko Gechev's blog

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - I have affinity to functional programming since my first year in college. During my initial contact with a purely functional programming language (Haskell in my case) I didn’t really understand all the advantages it provides, everything was reduced to just writing a cool recursive functions and solving algorithmic problems.

Build Your Own Product Hunt With Telescope And Meteor - Smashing Magazine

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - Sacha Greif explains how to build your own product hunt with Telescope and Meteor. As Product Hunt’s success has shown, there’s a big demand for websites that help us deal with information overload by streamlining and centralizing content.

Introduction to the React JavaScript Library -Telerik Developer Network

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - Aurelio de Rosa shows the basics of what the React front-end JavaScript framework is, how it's different and how to build a simple example application.

Watch Files and Directories with Node.js

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - Watching a file or directory for changes is an important part of automation.  We all enjoy using our favorite CSS preprocessor's "watch" feature -- we can still refresh the page and see our changes as though we were simply writing in pure CSS.  Node.js makes both file and directory watching easy -- but it's a bit more difficult than you may think.