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React on Rails – — Fretboards and Motherboards

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - React on Rails. Reverb’s main application is a well loved Rails monolith. It serves our API and view level traffic admirably. As we’ve grown, we’ve added…

Actualize | Part-time coding bootcamp & apprenticeship

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - jQuery was released in 2006, and within several years it became the most popular JavaScript library in use on the web (used by 70% of the top 100,000 sites online). At the time, there were many libraries similar to jQuery competing for this developer mindshare (Prototype, MooTools, Dojo, etc.). But jQuery emerged as the clear winner of the JavaScript library wars. So what gave jQuery that edge? This post describes several reasons, summing it up with this:

The Beauty Of React Native: Building Your First iOS App With JavaScript (Part 1) – Smashing Magazine

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - The idea of building mobile apps with JavaScript is not new. We’ve seen frameworks like Ionic and PhoneGap take on the challenge, and to some extent succeed in gaining a fair amount of developer and community support. These frameworks and the whole idea of building mobile apps with JavaScript never appealed to me, though. I always thought, why not just learn Swift/Objective-C or Java and build real apps? That definitely requires a significant amount of learning, but isn’t that what we developers do and should be good at? Quickly learn new languages and frameworks? What’s the point, then? F

Destructuring: What, Why and How - Part 1 of ES6 JavaScript Features - YouTube

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - In this video series, we learn about new features coming to JavaScript in ES6. In this episode, we learn the what, why and how of *destructuring*, a new feat...

Using React with the FullCalendar jQuery plugin - React Video Tutorial #free @eggheadio

Posted By tutorialStash on Javascript - In this lesson, we use React and the FullCalendar.js JQuery plugin to demonstrate how you can use complex JQuery plugins to create dynamic React components.